Amazing tips on new born swimming. New born Swimming starts in the comfort of your home with a gentle introduction to water in a small environment in a fun way.

Bath time is an excellent time to introduce water to our new-born babies and adding a sprinkle here, a giggle there, a gentle pour and a little song go a long way to the introduction of water.

Swimming classes are held from the age of 8 months upward, but that does not mean that you can’t have some water fun at home.

Some fun water tips

Let’s take our New born Swimming lessons to the basin and bath.

First of all before you start, it is very important to relax and keep your mood as calm as possible, because of course nerves will set in, but it is important not to show it as your baby can pick up on your mood and will instantly distrust the process.

Tip 1 : Introduce water to your new born in a fun way. Place warm water into a basin and sing ‘it’s raining its pouring’, drop fine gentle droplets all over your baby’s face.

Tip 2 : Stay calm and smile. Show baby that water is fun. Every time you wet baby’s face sing with delight

Tip 3 : Fill a bath with warm water. Keep the water level nice and low. Move baby forwards and backwards. Let them get the feel of the water in a gentle loving way

Tip 4 : Get a cup and pour water over your baby’s body. Sing and “ohhh laaaa” at the sensation as you pour water over your baby

Tip 5 : If your baby cries sooth them in a calm voice and let them know this is fun

Sensory teaching starts from the minute these little angels are born. New born Swimming is an excellent sensory calming tool and teaches our children to feel  the water around them and to stay calm.

Finish up your new born swimming session with a deep massage. Not only is this a bonding element with your baby but helps sensory progression as well.

Benefits of New born swimming:

  • Swimming helps strengthen your baby’s heart, lungs and respiratory system.
  • In terms of development, the first year is the time when your baby’s brain will
    grow most rapidly and regular exercise will help strengthen it for all that new
    learning it needs to do.
  • Exercising in water removes the inconvenience of gravity and allows your baby’s
    muscles to move freely and assist in the development of muscle control.


2 Main New Born swimming safety tips:

  • Never leave your baby alone around any body of water.
  • Eliminate any kind of distraction that will lead away your attention from your baby.
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