What does our swimming course offer?

We have created a swimming course that is not only an extra mural but an education.

Our Teachers Offer Sensory based, fun packed, themed lessons to ensure that your child progresses quickly and receives a life skill along with a love for water.

What should a swimming course offer?

We have come to know that Swimming is a necessity to assist in preventing drowning and helping save a life. Essentially you would like to go on a swimming course where your child learns to swim as quickly as possible.

But what are the core elements needed within a swimming course?

Qualified Teachers through Swim South Africa as well as Premises that are Accredited through Swim South Africa.

As a Team we capitalise on educational and physical needs per age group and incorporate these needs within the swimming course we offer.

To ensure that your child receives an excellent swimming course our Teachers go on extra educational courses that include:

  • Child Psychology courses ensure every child gets treated according to their personality
  • Occupational Therapy courses to ensure that every Teacher is educated about all OT needs and can offer advice to the parent and assist every child in the lesson
  • Life Coaching courses
  • CPR yearly as well as First Aid Level 1
  • CPD point courses through Swim South Africa so that every class we offer is up to date and professional.

Super Star Swim School’s Team ensure that every child’s needs are met to create excellent swimmers who can compete or enjoy any water sport on offer. The most important goal is to ensure that all our children have a love for water.

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