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Learning should always be fun

Every Swimmer a Super Star Swimmer

Creating a Safe Place for Children to Receive a Life skill.

From as little as 8 months old we have Swimmers learning in our pools.
Through dedicated teaching, love and care we have swimmers advancing in their new life skill in no time.

A life skill is one that can never be taken from a child. Equipping our children with the Gift to Learn how to Swim is our passion.

Our Lesson Plans are sensory based, themed and full of fun. Children learn through colour, touch, sight and sound. We cover all sensory aspects of learning in the pool to assist with a progressive program every time your child climbs into the pool.

Fear is a reality when it comes to water, however it should not stop our little ones from learning to swim. Again through well planned lesson plans, warm environments, well trained teachers and an owner run school every child has the chance to conquer their water fears and become happy water babies.

Swimming is the basis to all sports as it covers all Core Aquatic Skills. Through constant training of these skills, assessment and breathing from an early age our little ones grow into strong confident Swimmers.

Our Children are taught
Water Awareness
Water Survival through our Save a Buddy Program
Stroke is set over a short Distance so that fatigue does not influence skill


What we offer at Super Star Swimming School

Find the best swimming program to suite your child’s needs, right here…

Toddler Swim

We cater from the age of 8 months. Our program is a gentle, calm, fun filled lesson.

Parent child classes ensures that your little one feels safe and secure. Creating a positive start to your little one’s swimming adventure.

Lessons are 30 minutes long with 5 parent child ratio

Teachers are qualified through PBSTA and Toddler Swim.

Learn to Swim

We cater for ages from 24 months to 4 years of age

A progressive program packed with tons of fun activity, smiles and laughter sees these little ones progressing at a fast rate.

The program has been put together with safety and security in mind, ensuring every child feels safe in the water.

The lessons are 20 minutes as we are teaching your little one to come up and breath- This is exhausting, we want them to have fun rather than not want to come back.

The ratio is 3 kids per class.


We cater for ages 4 years and up

Over a short distance we ensure that stroke is set and that it does not fall apart due to fatigue.

Fun packed lesson plans with tons of visual teaching helps set stroke in no time.

Lesson ratios are 3 children per class.

Our very advanced children are in a 4 class ratio

The Need for a Swimming Life Skill

Simply put; drowning is on the rise.

But it is also the Core Basics to all other Sports

-It builds Core

-It builds Self Confidence

-It helps with Balance

-It creates a platform to gain better Co-ordination skills

-It teaches breathing

-It teaches body Rotation and Orientation


How To Register Your Child for Swimming School

Now that you have made a great choice in enroling your child into our Super Star Swimming School; here are the basic steps to follow…

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Nicki – 082 772 5188

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Navigate to our register page by clicking here.


Select your preferred area for lessons. Fill in all your details and your child/ren’s details, using our contact form


After submitting your form, please be patient to hear from us. Unfortunately our under water phone and email system is currently being investigated by scientists…


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What Parents are Saying

Melany - 5yr old Tristan's Mom

My son had been to 2 different swimming schools prior to Superstar and things were not going well. I don’t know how Nicki did it but she had such a wonderful and caring approach he managed to break through his fears. He absolutely loves Nicki and his swimming has come along in leaps and bounds. I will never go anywhere else. I look forward to my twins starting there next year.

Karen - Madison age 8 , Isabella age 6's Mom

In all the years that they have been part of the school, I found it to be run with the utmost professionalism, integrity, honesty and most importantly love, care and personal attention to each individual child. The safety of each child are one of the most important focus points of each teacher, over and above teaching the program and knowing each child’s abilities.

Nqobile - Simy Nathim's

As a parent I am forever indebted to Nicki and her staff for the wonderful work done so far and hope that she will continue to provide and expand her excellent services.

Kate Sian- 5 Miller 3 - Mom

The school was recommended to me be a work colleague, with the word-of-mouth being “excellent track record, by far the best in the City”. During their last year, I have found the school to be exactly that. It is owner-run, extremely hands-on supportive and with an interest in my children’s growth
My oldest son joined the school as a highly sensitive, anxious little boy who did not want to enter the water. With a lot of emotional support, encouragement, patience and personal interaction my son now swims.

Zuri- 7 years Nikit- 5 years - Mom Priya

My children have been swimming with Nicki and her team for the last 2 years, and are both not only learning beautifully, but actually enjoying their lessons, and look forward to it each week. Nicki and her team are always patient with each child, and excel at what they do

Holly 3 years - Mom Tanya

With a wonderful singing voice, (just loved by the kids) and engaging, encouraging and gentle manner, we have truly found a gem in teacher-owner Nicki Taylor-Riley and the Super Star Swimming School.

Kirsten & Jessica - Mom Tracey

Thank you to you and the various teachers that the girls have had over the years for ensuring that they truly do love the water, love swimming and are totally water-safe. I think that Kirsten might be a swimmer one day and Jessica might enjoy something like waterpolo… but we’ll see.


Thank you for running one of the most professional extra-mural activities that I have ever been involved with. You epitomise great service and I know that you always do your best to keep us up-to-date with all the changes (especially in the last year!).

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