July is World Drown Prevention Month

Did you know in South Africa alone around 600 children and 200 adults drown per year! These numbers are frightening and we do not want you to become a statistic.

Super Star Swim School are passionate about water safety and saving lives.

Here are some tips to avoid becoming a drowning statistic.

1- Join in swimming lessons and get the whole family to learn to swim.

Super Star Swim school offer lessons for all ages, starting from 6 months of age. Join our baby class, learn to swim class, adult class or special needs class, there is a class for everyone and opportunity for everyone to learn how to swim.

2- Join our Save a buddy workshops and learn how to save the life of someone who is drowning.

3- Get a pool net and a fence built around your pool.

4- Educate everyone in the household about the dangers of water and how quickly an accident can happen.

5- Keep emergency numbers on the fridge for quick reference in an emergency.

6- Always choose a water watcher when you are around water. The job of this adult is to keep a keen eye on everyone who is swimming.