Baby Swimming Lessons are a must.

We at Super Star Swim School start our baby lessons at 8 months,because it ensures our little ones get the most out of our lessons.

Research shows that starting your baby with swimming lessons as early as 8 months, could reduce any drowning accident from happening between the ages of 1-4 years of age. Having parents start the lessons with their children, assist their toddlers in trusting the water safety process.

Always keep in mind that swim lessons are just one of several important layers of protection needed to help prevent drowning. Another layer includes constant, focused supervision when your child is in or near a pool or any body of water.

Why are Baby Swim Classes so important?

  • The safety element of your baby around water is of great importance.
  • Educating them on the dangers of water, how to climb in and out safely, and what to do if they fall in and most importantly how to keep breath control going while under the water.
  • This of course is all child and age appropriate but each child does learn the skill.
  • Swimming is an excellent Occupational Therapy assistance in the growth and aid of every child’s milestones.
  • Assisting in balance, core, muscle tone, crawling, walking, standing, co-ordination, rotation and movement and gross motor skills.
  • Creating a love for water through these lessons is key. To ensure that our children love water and benefit from all the great elements swimming offers us.

There are many different types of baby swim classes are on offer, but which one should you choose?

Baby Swimming is the foundation to the rest of your child’s swimming adventure. At Super Star Swim School we offer a very gentle relaxed introduction with minimum risk of your child digesting huge amount of water.

We do not offer drown proofing as it is a very harsh introduction to water with many risks, the UK have released a press release saying that spinal injuries are also at risk as the babies spines are not ready for the full roll over movement, which is why we choose a gentle approach.

Our main aim and goal is to ensure that every baby and every parent enrolled into the Baby Swim Classes learn a greater love and respect for water and enjoy the bonding time as a bonus.

Talk with your pediatrician if you have any questions about whether your child is developmentally ready for swim lessons, should you be unsure of the right time to join.

Where there is a love, there is success. Join us for an amazing start to your babies swimming adventure.

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