Swimming is a life skill and an Education. Super Star Swim School offers Affordable Swimming Lessons for all ages wanting to learn how to swim. 

Super Star Swim School Educates all their Teachers to ensure your child gets the best out of every lesson taught and you the parent get your monies worth.


What makes Super Star Swim Schools lessons Affordable?

All our Teachers are qualified through Swim South Africa and have further Education with regard to Occupational Therapy needs, Child Psychology needs and all water activity needs. An affordable price to pay for amazing swim lessons that are jam packed with knowledge. Visit our facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/superstarswim.co.za/ to keep up to date with our continuous Education we provide for our Teachers.

Visit our website to view all our Teachers qualifications and what all four of our Swim Schools offer for all our different swimmers needs. You can also contact us by going to our contact page, here.

“Affordable Swimming lessons that have your child progressing in no time at all”


Why are Super Star Swim School’s lessons different from other Swim Schools?

Super Star Swim School plan every lesson to ensure that every child improves every week. Including themed lessons that are fun and filled with core aquatic activities that are set out as of the UK swimming syllabus. The lessons all cover water safety on a daily basis and has our children moving through the water comfortably and happily. Where there is a love there is success and Super Star Swim School pride themselves in creating a love for water for every child that swims in their school.

“Is swimming lessons money well spent?”

Swimming is the foundation for all sports. It is an Education and aids every child in the classroom. It is a life skill and can save a life.


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