What Makes Us Different From The Rest

Super Star Swim School creates an exciting swim environment for all children starting out or already on their amazing adventure to learn how to swim. Offering an environment that is filled with fun along with adventurous lessons that include singing, dancing, games and creative new ideas to help make the Learn to Swim experience one to remember and enjoy!

All lessons have activity boxes to ensure that all lessons are fun packed, well-structured and meet all sensory needs. We create lesson plans that help you the parent get involved even from the side of the pool as this venture is a venture for all involved. We love parents to get involved and sing praises along with us, as this helps our swimmers grow.

The Gift of a Life Skill is given to every child that walks through our door through positive reinforcement, constant encouragement and much love from all our Teachers.

We know that you as a parent are truly concerned about your child’s safety around water and we get that. We offer Save a Buddy in our program, constant water education within our lessons and Booster Programs that focus on life saving skills.

You want to see your child improve, So do we. How do we ensure this? We do Constant Assessments and Well Structured Lesson Plans.

Join us now and watch your child grow and gain a Life Skill with our amazing Team of Teachers.

Our Swim School has 3 Branches and is Owner Run.

We’re About The Little People…


All our teachers undergo stringent theoretical and practical testing and upskilling on a regular basis, to ensure that your kids receive only the latest and best learn to swim instruction


Our lesson plans engage all the senses of our Superstar swimmers- using their imagination by painting word pictures and stimulating their visual senses with our custom-made visual aids.


Assessments take place Monthly so that you the parent know that your child is improving.


We enter our superstar swimmers into galas twice a year- this helps parents see how their Superstar Swimmers are developing alongside other little ones who are learning to swim.

Meet Our Teachers

 Nicki Taylor Riley
Nicki Taylor RileyOwner and Learn to Swim Teacher
Ensuring that all our Teachers are Super Star Teachers and all our children are Super Star Swimmers.

Learn to Swim with Swim South Africa
Toddler Swim with PBSTA
First Aid Level 1

Kayla Johnson
Kayla JohnsonLearn to Swim and Toddler 4 years Experience
Kayla for the last four years has dedicated to herself to both the Swim School and the children. With a love that can clearly be seen we watch all her swimmers grow and love the water.

Niki Bussinne
Niki BussinneLearn to Swim Teacher with 3 years Experience
With a gentle manner Niki gets through to all our children, looking after them like they her own when the parents are not around in our morning nursery program.
Niki is always seen smiling and so are her swimmers.
Raeesa Hansrod
Raeesa HansrodLearn to Swim Teacher with 2 years Experience
Taking children who could not move through the water to happy swimming children who now partake in galas.

Noxi Mabuza
Noxi Mabuza2 years Experience
Noxi is our gentle cool teacher. The kids just love her acting skills in the pool along with her warm nature.

Ona2 Years Experience
She is full of vibe and funk. We just know your child is going to love swimming with her and progress really fast due to her warm and loving personality. Ona can be heard from the parking lot encouraging your child across the pool.
JenniferLearn to Swim Teacher with 8 years experience
You can see Jennifer in the pool always giggling with the children and encouraging them on with a smile.
TaliaLearn to Swim Teacher with 1 years experience
A gentle nature that is encouraging and warm sees our children progressing with great speed.


Annual Galas

Our 3rd Annual gala took place on Saturday 14th October 2018. We had many first, second, third and finalist ribbons given to our children.
We placed 2nd Overall, missing first place by 11 points. 8 schools partook on the day.


Kiddies Corner

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Learn to Swim

Our Learn to Swim Programme caters for ages 8 months and up. We are PBSTA Accredited and run a professional fun toddler class.

Parents climb in with their little one and we have a ball singing and watching our swimmers grow in confidence each week. Our biggest challenge is telling the parents they no longer need to be in the pool and it is our turn to take over. They love this experience and would prefer to continue with their little one.

A well–structured Learn to Swim programme, with only 3 children per class, filled with loads of fun and energy, is sure to help make your child a happy swimmer. Each child is treated with love and care, whether they have no fear at all and are ready to jump in the deep end and go or are taking a little time to learn the environment and become a happy, comfortable swimmer.

We create lesson plans to do with everyday life events thus giving our children some familiarity in the pool and thus creating an environment that they enjoy. With a wealth of experience and Swim South Africa qualifications, lessons are run professionally, however loads of fun and excitement is thrown in to make the learning experience a memorable one.

Each child will be taken from basic swim skills to stroke correction. With continuous assessment on each child your child is sure to grow and reach wonderful goals. Certificates are handed out at the end of every term.

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Super Star Swim School Founder

Meet Nicki Riley

With an absolute love and passion for children and water I veered off my career as a Qualified Events
Co-ordinator and joined the swimming world. Each day spent in the pool reminds me how much
I love my job and how I will never look back. It is the most rewarding feeling to teach a child how to swim.

Their smile of pride when they reach their goals and know they have succeeded makes every
minute spent with each child amazing. All these smiles help make each lesson one that is filled
with fun, songs, dance, laughter and pure enjoyment for each child.

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